Sport facilities are complex structures. When it comes to stadiums, Sika has the expertise and experience to support virtually any design ideas and fulfill the most stringent construction requirements. From new construction to maintenance operations and refurbishment works, Sika is your most trusted and single-source supplier for a wide variety of integrated construction solutions and services.

Quality concrete production

Wherever a new stadium is being constructed with reinforced concrete, the use of concrete admixtures and additives will improve concrete quality, workability, performance and durability. Sika has a well proven track record and is the reliable supplier for ready-mix producers; precast manufacturers and site batched concrete producers.

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Flooring and lining solutions

Stadium terraces and other floors need to be durable and resistant. Be they inside or outside, they will be exposed to weathering, temperature variations, mechanical wear and abrasion. Sika provides resin and cement/polymer-based materials and other flooring solutions for a wide array of applications in areas such as: kitchens, food courts, lounges and VIP-Suites, sanitary facilities, storage and logistic areas, car parks, etc.

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Waterproofing systems

Waterproofing is of critical importance in the case of partially open structures such as stadiums. Foundations, construction and expansion joints and other details in the terraces, vomitories and access roads, need to be carefully designed and executed with the adequate system to prevent the ingress of water and subsequent damages.

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For stadium facades and joints in terraces or other trafficked areas subjected to high mechanical and/or chemical exposure, Sika provides a full range of elastic joint sealants with high movement capability and UV resistance. Sika sealants are available in many colours and have fast application characteristics and excellent adhesion to most common construction materials.

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Bonding, anchoring and grouting

Stadium construction often combines different building techniques and various types of materials such as, cast-in place concrete and/or precast concrete panels, steel and aluminum elements for support beams, posts and railing systems. For the structural connection of those elements, Sika offers a comprehensive range of structural epoxy adhesives and grouts for bonding, anchoring, fixing and grouting these units in to position.

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Stadium roofs not only need be waterproof and durable to withstanding the external exposure and physical stresses, they must also fulfil the architect’s design requirements in terms of shape, form, colour and overall aesthetics. Almost unlimited roof designs can be achieved in both form and function, by utilizing all of the innovative Sika roofing solutions.

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