Appliances & Industrial Components Products

Sika® Aktivator-100

Sika® Aktivator is an activating agent, designed to improve adhesion. It is specifically formulated for the treatment of bond faces in direct glazing work prior to application of various Sika polyurethane adhesives.

Sika® Glass Cleaner

Sika Glass Cleaner is a glass and surface cleaner, formulated for the AGR and Transportation markets. It is a non-flammable aerosol concentrate used to clean windshields, glass, metal and other hard surfaces. It dissolves spots, grease, oil, finger-prints.

Sika® Handclean

Sika Hand Cleaner is a unique, patented, waterless, citrus-scented hand cleaning system combining both a high-quality liquid hand cleaner formula and a heavy-duty, non-scratching abrasive hand-cleaning towel. Sika Hand Cleaner's unique properties work fast to remove fresh urethane and primer, small amounts of cured urethane and dried primer, and loosens and dissolves surface and embedded grease, grime and soil. Hands are left fresh, clean and residue-free, without rinsing or drying.

Sika® Primer-210 T

Sika Primer-210 is a low-viscosity liquid primer for use on aluminum, galvanized steel sheet and some plastics prior to bonding or sealing with Sikaflex products.

Sika® Primer-206 G+P

Sika Primer-206 G+P is a black, moisture-curing liquid primer specifically formulated for the treatment of bond faces in direct glazing work prior to application of Sika polyurethane direct glazing adhesives.

Sika® Primer-209 N

Sika Primer-209 N is a black pigmented low-viscosity liquid that dries by reaction with atmospheric moisture. It is used to prime painted surfaces and plastic substrates prior to bonding with Sikaflex products.

Sika® Primer-215

Sika Primer-215 is a transparent, pale yellow, low-viscosity primer for various plastics, timber and other porous materials; it cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture.

Sika® Remover-208

Sika® Remover-208 is used to re-move traces of Sikaflex® products as well as for cleaning painted substrates. Sika® Remover-208 is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001/14001, quality assurance system.

Foam Spacer Tape

Sika Spacer Tape is a closed-cell copolymer foam coated on both sides with an aggressive acrylic adhesive system for optimum compatibility to a variety of substrates. Sika Spacer Tape is constructed with a cellular structured foam that is particularly resistant to weathering and water absorption, while providing a superior long-lasting seal.

Sika® Tooling Agent N

Sika Tooling Agent N is a water-based, solvent-free tooling agent for use with Sikaflex adhesives and sealants.


SikaFast-3131S is a flexible, two-component acrylic adhesive designed to efficiently transfer high loads and evenly distribute stresses. These characteristics distinguish SikaFast-3131S from other acrylic adhesives that claim high strength and elongation. SikaFast-3131S bonds many materials without surface preparation or priming and cures rapidly at room temperature.


SikaFast-5215 NT is a fast-curing (5 minute Open Time), flexible 2-component adhesive system. It is based on ADP, Sika’s polymer technology, derived from acrylic chemistry. Uncured, SikaFast-5215 NT is a pasty, non-sagging, non-flammable material which allows an easy and precise application.


Sikaflex-221 is a high-quality, multi-purpose, non-sag 1-component, polyurethane sealant that cures on exposure to atmospheric humidity and forms a durable elastomer.


Sikaflex-252 is a 1-component, moisture-cured, polyurethane adhesive with extremely high thixotropy and high strength. Sikaflex-252 is particularly suited to bonding applications in the manufacture of trucks, trailers and equipment.


Sikaflex-254 is a non-sag, 1-component polyurethane adhesive that cures with the aid of Sika Booster (cure accelerator), or, alternatively, on exposure to atmospheric humidity, to form a durable elastomer.


Sikaflex-552 is a high-performance, elastic, gap-filling, 1-component structural assembly adhesive that cures on exposure to atmospheric humidity and forms a durable elastomer. Sikaflex-552 does not contain isocyanate.

Sikaflex®-222i UV

Sikaflex®-295 UV is a paste-like, one-component polyurethane adhesive that cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture to form a durable elastomer. Sikaflex®-295 UV is manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001/14001 quality assurance system and meets the requirements set out by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).