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Sprayed concrete unites multiple aspects of modern concrete technology with respect to materials handling technology as well as concrete admixture chemistry. Sika masters all the technologies of sprayed concrete, from wet to dry spray applications.

Sika® Sigunit® L-72 AF

Liquid Alkali-free Shotcrete Accelerator

Sika® Sigunit® P-1 AF

Sika® Sigunit® P-1 AF is a water-soluble, alkali free and high-performance shotcrete accelerator in powder form. When dissolved in water, it produces an alkali-free set accelerator for wet sprayed shotcrete.

Sika® Sigunit®-39 AF

Sika® Sigunit®-39 AF is an alkali-free setting accelerator for dry-mix shotcrete in
powder form.

Sika® Sigunit®-50 AF

Sika® Sigunit® L-50 AF is a high-performance, liquid, alkali-free accelerator for wet or
dry shotcrete.