Helping to Maintain and Repair the Automobiles of Tomorrow

Sika aftermarket solutions have been driving the automotive industry worldwide for more than 30 years. Our intelligent products combine the state-of-the-art properties which make it easy to get started right away. Based on our competencies as a leading OEM supplier, we provide a comprehensive portfolio for sealing and bonding, noise damping and protective coatings applications in Auto-glass Replacement and Car Body Repair. Innovation, performance, reliability and ease-of-use make Sika products the number one choice of auto glass and body shop professionals around the world.

The Leading Brand for Windshield Adhesives and Customer Safety

The windshield is an integral part of a vehicle’s safety system. Its role is to (1) stay in place and keep occupants inside the vehicle in case of an accident, and (2) to support the airbag and keep it within the vehicle so that it performs effectively – making it vital that the windshield stay attached to the car body, even in a rollover accident. Reliable and easy-to-use adhesive systems from Sika ensure the highest safety standards are met for every one of your installations.

95th Percentile Crash-Test Dummy

The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and
Regulations (FMVSS) Standards 208 and 212 are the standard by which all windshield adhesives are judged in North America and set out the requirements for Occupant Crash Protection (208) and Windshield Mounting (212). These are based on Crash Test Standards that utilize a 50th-percentile Crash-Test Dummy, that is, a dummy that represents 50% of the adult male population (an average of 175 cm/78 kg or 5’8”/172 lbs.). At Sika, we feel that a 50% percentile dummy falls short, so we improved our testing standard and utilize a taller and heavier 95th percentile dummy (188 cm/101 kg or 6’ 2”/223 lbs.), covering significantly more people and therefore more of your potential customers

Safety With-Out Compromise

Sika is the one and only adhesive manufacturer worldwide using a 95th percentile crash test dummy. Furthermore, we always test our adhesive Safe Drive-Away Time (SDAT) under more severe conditions than the FMVSS 212 standard requires. Our specialized Automotive Aftermarket product line is designed for both mobile and shop environments, and has proven its reliability under the harshest conditions -- reflecting the reality auto glass technicians have to deal with every day.