Fully-bonded waterproofing system for below grade concrete structures

SikaProof® A is an innovative waterproofing system that prevents any lateral water and migration between the waterproofing membrane and the structural concrete. SikaProof® A is typically used to waterproof all types of reinforced concrete basements and other below grade structures. Typical applications include residential, commercial and industrial buildings such as housing, commercial, retail, and public buildings, stadiums and leisure facilities, industrial and manufacturing plants, warehouses and much more. This waterproofing system is ideal for slabs-on-ground, foundation walls and precast concrete elements.


Sika Grid Seal Technology: Technology geared towards waterproofing

It consists of a special sealant that is factory applied in a grid-pattern, which creates “mini watertight compartments”. This sealant grid seals and blocks any lateral water migration, even in the event of any local damage to the membrane. The sealant grid itself is also protected by the specially designed fleece that is laminated into the grid sealant. This fleece is also embedded completely into the fresh concrete and creates a full and durable mechanical bond between the FPO membrane layer of SikaProof® A and the cured concrete.



SikaProof® A
SikaProof® A (-05/-08/-12)

Fully-Bonded FPO Sheet Membrane Waterproofing System, Incorporating the Innovative Sika® Grid Seal Technology, for Foundations and Other Below-Grade, Concrete Structures.

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SikaProff A Edge
SikaProof® A Edge (-08/-12)

Pre-Formed, Fully-Bonded and Underflow-Resistant Edge Sheets for the SikaProof A Waterproofing Membrane System

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  • No lateral water migration in the event of membrane damage
  • Resistant to aggressive soil contaminants
  • Provides protection against radon gas


Total cost efficiency

  • Fast installation: layout, jointing, detailing
  • Increased coverage with 2 m wide rolls provides fewer membrane joints
  • No concrete protection screed required


High quality

  • Prefabricated – defined minimum layer thickness
  • Highly flexible membrane system, even in cold temperatures
  • Long-term experience with FPO membranes


Tested and approved

  • In accordance with American and European Standards
  • Complete system testing (including details and joints)
  • Highly resistant to aging


Easy and secure installation

  • No welding, no open flames, no priming required
  • Simple adhered joints and details
  • No special tools or equipment required



  • Less waste, no protective release liner
  • Highly durable with a long life expectancy
  • No segregation, wash-out, or leaching


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