Roofing of the Roger Center

Opened in 1989, the Roger Center is the very iconic multi-putpose stadium of Toronto. Known to be the first stadium to have a fully retractable motorized roof, its construction was a real challenge. After 30 years of good existence, the compagny which owns the building (Toronto Blue Jays) wanted to get a new roof while respecting sustainable issues. They naturally turned to those who had built the old roof, which was more than 30 years old and still in perfect condition: Sika

A long and Successful story:

The original Sarnafil mechanically fastened roof was installed in the 1980’s and a decision to reroof was taken in 2018 after an ice fall from the adjacent CN Tower smashed through the roof and steel deck. Contractors’ Dean Chandler and Flynn were appointed to carry out the roof replacement on this unique structure.


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Roger Centre - 1989

In January 1989 the SkyDome now known as the Rogers Center had the first test opening of the retractable roof, which has a Sika Sarnafil roof system installed on it. 

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Project Details

Major Issues:

Access was a major issue and various staging options were required and work was also conducted during winter months, with snow removal also a considerable obstacle.  

Sika's Recycling Concern:

The old PVC roof was removed and taking advantage of Sika Sarnafil’s recycling programme the old membrane was ground into flakes and put into the backside of new membrane or used for creating new roof walkways.


  • The reroof was tendered by Ellis Don Construction (General Contractor who built the original facility)
  • The reroof was awarded to a joint venture team:


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"This project has been a team effort with strong support from Dean Chandler Roofing, Flynn Canada Ltd., Walter P. Moore and Ellis-Don Construction. At the same time the Technical Departments of both Sika Corp in the US and also Sika Canada Inc. have been called upon to review special details and participate in doing wind calculations and to participate on numerous site meetings and inspections while the roof is being installed. With this new high performance Sika Sarnafil roof we can keep enjoying the home runs of the Toronto Blue Jays and bringing home another World Series Championship under our roof. " Paul Perreault, Vice President of Roofing division