Sika® Flexitape Heavy

Polyamide (nylon) knitted reinforcement mesh for use with Sikalastic® waterproofing membranes and Sikagard® Duroplast wall coating systems. Available in two (2) widths, Sika® Flexitape Heavy is used over joints or cracks liable to movement and for bridging gaps between different substrate elements. Thanks to the material’s malleability, the reinforcement will follow surface contours and may easily be molded over different types of details.

  • Capable of stretching within the membrane to accommodate a high degree of thermal and structural movement
  • Bridges joints and cracks and gaps between dissimilar substrates
  • Follows surface contours and may be molded over complex detail work
  • Imparts additional tensile strength and durability to membrane
  • May also be used in the construction of expansion joints