A clean building quite simply looks better and more attractive than a dirty building and provides a more welcoming first impression – Therefore a more attractive piece of real estate!

Why is important to clean and protect building facade?

  • Facade cleaning opens the building materials pores and allows normal water vapor diffusion to prevent the build-up of moisture trapped within the walls. Otherwise dirt and grime blocks the pores and capillaries, leading to reduced thermal insulation and heat loss, plus all of the potential problems from internal condensation and damp. Thorough facade cleaning is essential.
  • Another important reason for cleaning a building facade is to remove damaging and aggressive atmospheric pollutants such as sulphurous and nitrous oxides from acid rain and traffic pollution, and provide protection for the facade. Otherwise these pollutants accelerate discoloration and deterioration of all common facade building materials
  • Last but not least, outside our driveways, patios and terraces as well as any other floors or pathways can become stained and get slippery if not cleaned and protected. For safety reasons alone, frequent cleaning is strongly recommended.

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