UHPC (Ultra High-Performance Concrete) is a high performance, fibre-reinforced, cementitious material formulated for structural and architectural applications in civil engineering, including concrete rehabilitation/retrofitting and precast concrete applications.

Where to use SikaCrete® 8000 UHPC- Ultra High Permormance Concrete? 
  • Bridge deck connection joints 
  • Slabs and overlays
  • Retrofitting applications 
  • Precast elements 
Bridge- Shear Pockets 
shear pockets godbout
Overlay Champlain Bridge
Why choose Ultra High Performance Concrete     
  • High mechanical and flexural strengths
  • Excellent resistance to freeze-thaw, spalling, chloride ion penetration and more
  • Horizontal, vertical and overhead applications
  • May be poured or pumped into place while maintaining the fibre dosage        
  • Ease of placement and working time
  • Optimized batching sequence to lower idle times
  • Formulated with synthetic or steel fibres depending on the application
  • Excellent architectural potential allowing for the design of thinner precast elements along with the ability to create coloured and textured surfaces
  • Allows for cement and steel reduction in concrete precast elements
Bridge - Horizontal and longitude Joints 
Miller Nothern Bridge Horizontal
Precast Elements