SikaFiber® HP

Ultra-Fine Monofilament Polypropylene Concrete Fibres

  • Higher fibre count per kg than standard monofilament fibres;
  • Virtually invisible in concrete;
  • Allows for lower dosage compared to other monofilament types of fibres;
  • Provides multi-dimensional reinforcement;
  • Increases impact-, shatter and abrasion-resistance of new concrete;
  • Enhances durability and toughness of concrete;
  • Reduces bleeding;
  • Excellent finishability.


Furthermore, the use of SikaFiber® HP:


  • Reduces the formation of plastic and drying shrinkage cracks in concrete.
  • Helps concrete at the early ages, to the benefit of precasters where stripping time and handling is important.
  • In shotcrete applications, increases the compaction and density of shotcrete, reducing rebound and permitting thicker layers per pass.