SikaMix® W-10

Sikamix W-10 is a non-chloride and non-corrosive liquid integral water-repelling admixture for use in concrete masonry units, where zero or very low slump concrete is required. Sikamix W-10 contains water repellent additives that chemically react with cement, filling the pores of the concrete unit with water insoluble compound and wetting agents, creating a plasticizing effect that densifies the concrete structure. This reduces water absorption capability of the capillary pores and minimizes migration of the water to the surface from within.

  • Increase water repellency.
  • Reduces water absorption.
  • Controls efflorescence.
  • Improves color intensity.
  • Densifies concrete.
  • Increases compressive strength.
  • Reduces shrinkage.
  • Improves appearance and production speed.
  • Provides mold and stain resistance.