SikaMix® BF3

Plasticizer and Compacting Aid for Concrete Block and Pavers

  • Sikamix BF3 provides superior strength gain and faster curing at all ages.
  • In most cases, a reduction in cement is possible when Sikamix BF3 is used in the concrete block or paver mix.
  • Sikamix BF3 will produce a block that has a more uniform texture and color.
  • Block containing Sikamix BF3 reduces wear and tear on mold-box liners and machine parts, while enabling a faster cycling time of the molding machine.
  • Concrete block containing Sikamix BF3 will have sharper and more defined edges and corners, with less chipping.
  • Sikamix BF3 increases the density of block and pavers, thus increasing durability and lowering the rate of absorption.