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Corrosion Inhibition
Sika® FerroGard®-903+

Sika® FerroGard®-903+

  • Sika FerroGard®-903+ offers owners, port authorities, DOTs, and engineers a new technology in corrosion inhibition that can easily be applied to existing concrete surfaces to economically extend service life of any reinforced concrete structure.
  • ƒProtects against the harmful effects of corrosion by penetrating the surface of even the most dense  oncrete and migrating to the steel to inhibit corrosion. ƒ
  • Enhances the durability of reinforced concrete.
  • ƒDoes not require concrete removal. ƒ
  • Organic in nature and environmentally friendly.
  • ƒDoes not contain calcium nitrite.ƒ
  • Easily applied by either spray or roller to all existing reinforced concrete. ƒ
  • Can be applied on reinforced concrete that already exhibits some corrosion.
  • ƒAdds additional benefits when used prior to protective coatings in concrete restoration systems.
  • ƒWater-based for easy handling and application. ƒ
  • Not a vapour barrier; allows vapour diffusion. ƒ
  • Does not change the appearance of the concrete.
  • ƒAllows easier and faster application of subsequent mortars, sealers and coatings.
  • ƒPenetration depth and reduction of corrosion currents can be measured on jobsite using Sika “Qualitative Analysis Test”.ƒ
  • Provides long term protection and durability.ƒ
  • Protects both anodic and cathodic sites on reinforcing steel.ƒ
  • Amino alcohols-based corrosion inhibitors have proven effective in both laboratory and field analysis as part of the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP-S-666).
concrete coating
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