Sikagard® SN-40 Lo VOC

Water-Repelling Sealer

  • Easy to apply for an economical application.
  • ƒƒDeep penetration protects it from weathering, ultraviolet rays and abrasion.
  • ƒƒReduces water absorption for better protection in splash zones and against driving rain.
  • ƒƒReduces chloride ion intrusion and its negative effects through repelling of water.
  • ƒƒCan be part of corrosion management program to expand service life for reinforced concrete.
  • ƒƒNot a vapour barrier allowing treated surfaces to “breathe”.
  • ƒƒLasts for many years; providing a long-term, cost effective solution.
  • ƒƒMinistry of Transport Québec acceptance.
  • ƒƒApproved by Alberta Transportation as a Type 1a and 1b concrete sealer for use on traffic bearing surfaces.
  • ƒƒComplies with Environment Canada VOC regulations.
  • ƒƒProduct recognized by the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation(BC MoT).