Sikalastic®-3900 Traffic System

Sikalastic®-3900 Traffic System utilizes polyurethane and epoxy  technologies to protect steel-reinforced, concrete traffic and  pedestrian decks from the damaging effects of chlorides and water  ingress.

  • System draws on a range of versatile component products used to build a tailored solution to suit unique project conditions.
  • Uses 2-component, chemical cure polymer technology for uncompromisingdurability and reliability.
  • Solvent-free 100 % solids materials enables safe, odour-free installation in occupied facilities and jobsites.
  • Fast-cure component options for quicker installation under tight time constraints.

Sikalastic®-3900 Traffic System


Sika® MT Primer: Moisture-tolerant and adhesion promoting primer for dry ordamp substrates


Sikalastic®-120 FS Primer ** NEW FAST-SETTING PRIMER ** : Adhesion -promoting fast-setting primer



  Sikalastic®-390 Membrane: 2-component elastomeric polyurethane waterproofing membrane

Wear Course Topcoat Options


Sikalastic®-220 FS ** NEW FAST SETTING WEARCOURSE & TOP COAT **: Fast-setting, two-component, low modulus epoxy top coat and wear course.


Sikalastic®-391 N: Standard 2-component polyurethane-based wear course


Sikalastic®-394: 2-component aliphatic, UV resistant polyurethane wearcourse


Sikalastic®-8200: Low Modulus, High Strength, Moisture-Insensitive, Modified Epoxy Resin for Skid-Resistant Concrete verlays and Patching Mortars

System Components

Primer Options
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