Sikafloor® Duochem-6


Sikafloor® Duochem-6 is a polypropylene base texturing and gloss reduction additive that is easily dispersed during the mixing process into selected Sikafloor® and Sikagard® coatings. The inert micronized polymer powder, functions as an aggregate to produce a fine surface texture that decreases gloss and increases the relative coefficient of friction to provide a greater degree of slip resistance.

  • Low specific gravity reduces bottom settling making it easy to mix and apply.
  • No effect on pot life or cure rate.
  • Contains no crystalline silica.
  • Insoluble at room temperature to common solvents and thinners.
  • High wear resistance to regular foot traffic and infrequent lightweight, rubber wheeled carts.
  • Spherical shaped particles produce a fine surface texture that is easy to clean and maintain.