Sikafloor®-52 PC

Sikafloor®-52 PC Grey is a one-component, high strength, fast-setting, self-levelling, self-drying, grey cementitious floor topping specifically formulated to accept stains, dyes and polishing. Rapid early strength gain allows foot traffic in 3 - 4 hours and polishing after 24 hours. Typical application thickness 10 to 25 mm (3/8 to 1 in).

  • ƒƒ No compaction or finish trowelling required, product is self-levelling
  • Pumpable or manual pour application
  • Levels and renovates existing old floors
  • Suitable for application on new concrete >28 days old
  • Natural concrete grey colour
  • May be stained or dyed
  • Rapid drying: 3 - 4 hours for foot traffic, polishable in as little as 24 hours under normal conditions
  • Durable in-service for both wet or dry interior conditions