MS-D1 is a silica fume enhanced, pre-packaged shotcrete material for dry-process applications. This product is a pre-blended, pre-packaged, dry-process shotcrete material containing Portland cement, silica fume, air-entraining admixture, blended aggregates and other carefully selected components. It has greatly enhanced shooting characteristics and physical properties.

  •  Air-entrainment provides superior resistance to freeze-thaw cycling and salt-scaling resistance
  •  Improved adhesive and cohesive plastic properties
  • Signifi cantly reduced rebound, resulting in lower material usage
  •  Improved ability to build greater thicknesses in a single pass in both vertical and overhead orientations
  •  Improved resistance to water wash-out
  •  Improved resistance to sulphate attack
  •  Very low permeability
  •  Low shrinkage
  • Compatible with integral, pre-applied and/or post-applied corrosion inhibitors*
  •  Designed with natural normal-density non-reactive aggregates to eliminate potential alkali-aggregate reactivity (AAR)