Sika® Plastiment®


Sika® Plastiment® is a water-reducing and retarding admixture. 

Sika® Plastiment® is highly effective in hot weather concreting to offset the accelerating effects of high ambient temperatures by slowing the hydration reaction and controlling the hydration heat. Concrete workability is enhanced and a superior surface finish is obtained. In mass concrete pours Sika® Plastiment® controls temperature rise and reduces the risk of thermal cracking.      
  • Initial set times are delayed, allowing time for proper placement and finishing without cold joints in hot weather conditions.
  • Sika® Plastiment® increases concrete density and delivers increased early and ultimate, compressive and flexural strengths.
  • For flatwork applications Sika® Plastiment® acts as a finishing aid, workability is improved, bleeding is controlled and a superior surface finish is obtained.
  • Lower water cement ratios provide decreased permeability and increased durability.
  • Sika® Plastiment® can be used to retard concrete during the hot weather concreting. Refer to ACI 305R Hot Weather Concreting for more information.
     Sika® Plastiment® does not contain calcium chloride or any other intentionally added chlorides.
Sika® Plastiment®