Sikaplan® WP 1100-20 HL

Sikaplan® WP 1100-20 HL is a flexible, homogeneous sheet waterproofing membrane with a signal layer, based on premium-quality polyvinylchloride (PVC-P). Suitable for use in hot and tropical climatic conditions.

  • High resistance to ageing
  • Based on virgin material with consistent quality
  • Without DEHP (DOP) plasticisers
  • With signal layer to indicate damages
  • Optimized flexibility, tensile strength and multi-axial elongation
  • Elastic material behaviour
  • High resistance to mechanical influences
  • Flexible in cold temperatures
  • Suitable for contact with acidic soft water and alkaline environments
  • Resistant to root penetration and micro-organisms
  • Optimized workability, thermally weldable
  • Can be installed on damp substrates
  • Temporary UV stability for installation
  • Self-extinguishing in fire