Innovation is the key to success

The capacity to innovate is a key factor for success in rapidly changing markets. Sika takes the pulse of customers, investing continuously in new and advanced development of solutions.

Striving for innovation and growth
Innovation is the key to growth and sustainable increase in profitability. Sika's R&D strategy includes centralized and decentralized components that complement each other perfectly. The centrally organized research handles long term research programs, provides analytical services and establishes R&D management for the entire Sika Group. These responsibilities are bundled in the subsidiary Sika Technology AG. The second component in the R&D strategy is the regional adaptation of products, solutions and applications. Regional Technology and Support Centers in America, Europe and Asia take on these challenges.

Product Development and Market Introduction Process
On the way from an inspirational idea to market introduction, new developments traverse a clearly defined, seven-stage Product Creation Process (PCP). Product development must thereby repeatedly fulfill very stringent internal and external standards for cost-effectiveness and environmental, health and safety protection. The PCP has the objectives of reducing risks, minimizing costs, shortening time-to-market (TTM) and continuously improving product performance. Due to the great significance of PCP for Sika AG’s innovation capability, responsible employees in subsidiaries worldwide are regularly trained in the application of the process. In addition an interactive training program is available for all Sika employees; this is actively used and thus sensitizes all participants for Sika's high standards.

Trust in Sika Products creates the bond with our customers
Quality permeates the product world and is at the same time a measure for services and processes within the company and outside of it. Throughout the world on construction sites and in industry, the Group's speciality products are put to work. Sika's quality concept comprises three aspects: the individual product quality, the quality of the relationship to customers and partners, and the quality of service. An important part of the Sika policy is the combination of quality with environmental responsibility. We understand this as the responsibility of each employee to handle natural resources economically, with the design of products and with manufacturing processes. Most companies within the Sika group have been certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for many years. Sika's Management System for optimization of process cycles and product quality also conforms to the detailed guidelines of the automotive industry. The successfully passed certifications according to the process-oriented TS 16949 of the automobile industry as well as numerous customer audits are prerequisites for Class A supplier status, which Sika holds with all leading automobile manufacturers.