The Sika brand stands for innovation, quality and service, and is a solid bond between the company and its customers – worldwide, whether on large construction sites or in building material stores. The real power of the Sika brand, however, is that all Sika employees are committed to meet and to outperform the expectations of customers, business partners and other stakeholders. We are aware that a strong brand represents a promise kept. And it’s our objective to deliver not only on quality, innovation and service but to create value for our customers.


Alongside innovation and service, quality is one of the pillars of the Sika brand identity. Quality permeates the product world and is at the same time a measure for services and processes within the company and outside of it.


The Sika R&D strategy includes centralized and decentralized components that complement each other perfectly. The centrally organized research handles long term research programs, delivers analytical services and establishes R&D management for the entire Sika Group.


Quality and customer satisfaction are for Sika always and everywhere the measure of all things. All over the world on construction sites and in industry, the Group’s specialty chemicals are put to work.