The Sika R&D strategy includes centralized and decentralized components that complement eachother perfectly. The centrally organized research handles long term research programs, delivers analytical services and establishes R&D management fort he entire Sika Group. These responsabilities are bundeled in the subsidiary Sika Technology AG. The second component in the R&D strategy is the regional adaptation of products, solutions and applications. Technology centers in America, Europe and Asia take on this challenge.

On the way from an inspirational idea to market introduction, new developments traverse a clearly defined, seven-stage Product Creation Process (PCP). Product development must thereby repeatedly fulfill very stringent internal and external standards for cost-effectiveness and environmental, health and safety protection. The PCP has the objectives of reducing risks, minimizing costs, shortening time-to-market (TTM) and continuously improving product development. Due to the great significance of the PCP for Sika AG’s innovation capability, responsible employees in subsidiaries worldwide are regularly schooled in the application of the process. In addition an interactive training program is available for all Sika employees; this is actively used and thus sensitizes all participants for Sika’s high standards.