Quality, next to innovation and service, quality is one of the pilars of the Sika brand identity. Quality permeates the product world and is at the same time a measure for services and processes within the company and outside of it. Throughout the world on construction sites and in industry, the Group’s speciality chemicals are put into work.

Sika’s quality concept comprises three aspects: the individual product quality, the quality of the relationship to customers and partners, and the quality of service. Sika, thus, is supplier and market partner at the same time. The group offers the customer complete solutions that consist of products, advice and onsite service. The high level of expertise of Sika employees in project, key account and distribution business as well as a global network of manufacturing locations help in combining resources and in their efficient implementation.

An important part of the Sika policy is the combination of quality with environmental responsibility. We understand this as the responsibility of each employee to handle natural resources economically, with the design of products and with manufacturing processes. Most companies within the Sika group have been certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for many years. We support comprehensive quality and environment initiatives within various institutes and advisory boards.

The Management system of Sika for optimization of process cycles and product quality also conforms to the detailed guidelines of the automotive industry. The successfully passed certifications according to the process-oriented TS 16949 of the automobile industry as well as as numerous customer audits are prerequisites for Class A supplier status, which Sika holds with all leading automobile manufacturers.