Manufacturing and business processes in all business units are continuously improved and further developed to produce more quickly, better and more cost effectively for our customers.

Quality and customer satisfaction are for Sika always and everywhere the measure of all things. All over the world on construction sites and in industry, the Group’s specialty chemicals are put to work. With these products, load-bearing structures are sealed, bonded, damped, protected and reinforced. Comprehensive service and competent advice is especially important in customer relationships because Sika products are process materials that undergo changes in use. The damping material SikaBaffle® for example foams when an auto body is heated. The epoxy adhesive Sikadur® becomes rock hard upon application, thereby durably bonding concrete components weighing tons. Sika®ViscoCrete® enables the user to control the consistency and curing time of concrete precisely, adjusting it optimally to specific requirements.

Sika understands itself not just as a product supplier, but rather offers the customer complete solutions that consist of products, advice and onsite service. Customer consultants begin by analyzing the customer’s needs precisely and suggesting a solution that best suits the application area. The company places great value on product documentation that is readily understandable for the user. Sales representatives in the field, usually chemical or construction engineers, support customers on a construction site or in a production facility to ensure trouble-free application of process materials.