Helping to build for the future around the globe

Sika Canada Inc., as a member of the international Sika Group, is a recognized leader in the field of specialty products for the construction industry. We offer standard-setting and value-added systems for roofing, concrete improvement, grouting, structural strengthening, joint sealing, concrete restoration, moisture protection, flooring and wall finishes.

Benefiting from over 100 years of experience, Sika’s products and systems have earned the confidence of construction professionals across Canada, thanks to their performance, reliability and durability. An essential element in our “roof-to-foundations” product offering, is our diverse range of materials which provide long-lasting solutions with the necessary properties to accommodate a wide variety of service conditions, in new construction as well as renovations. Our products are employed art every stage of the construction process and in all sectors, including transportation infrastructure, commercial and residential construction, leisure, healthcare and, of course, industrial buildings.