A primary element of Sika’s successful research and development undertaking is the strategic focus on clearly defined core competencies. These are: sealing, bonding, reinforcing, damping and protecting load-bearing structures in construction and in manufacturing industries.

Sealing minimizes the flow of gases and liquids between cavities and interstices as well as the dissemination and transfer of heat or cold. Immense flat roofs, complicated tunnel constructions, easily damageable water reservoirs and sophisticated façades are durably impervious to wind and rain, resistant to temperature, age and vibration. The functionality and comfort of rooms within are thereby enhanced.

Bonding joins different materials permanently, elastically and securely. Vehicles, windows, and even concrete elements of several tons for bridges are bonded using new processes. Sika bonding technologies increase the safety of end products and enable greater freedom of design. These applications also optimize the manufacturing process by reducing cycle times.

In fixed and moving objects, damping reduces vibrations of all wavelengths, resulting in fewer reverberations and noise emissions in load-bearing structures and cavities. Noise in vehicle interiors, for example – whether in a car, a bus or a cruise ship – is silenced, and comfort increases significantly.

Reinforcing bolsters the carrying capacity of statically or dynamically stressed load-bearing structures in a targeted manner, from lightweight window frames to crash-resistant automotive bodies to imposing concrete bridges. Solutions for reinforcing fortify existing and optimize new load-bearing structures.

Protecting extends the durability of load-bearing structures and preserves the substance of new and renovated objects. Sika solutions guarantee sustained protection against climatic conditions, chemical influence, pollution and fire for concrete and steel structures.