Taking responsibility on a global level

At Sika we regard our sponsorship commitments as a long-term collaboration in the form of partnerships, from which both sides benefit and to which both sides contribute. With our sponsoring activities, we want to make a useful contribution to the society and the environment in which we live. Therefore Sika sponsoring on a global level is limited to social, educational and environmental issues.

Romuald Burkard Foundation

In remembrance of Romuald Burkard, who represented the third generation of Sika's founder family Winkler, the Romuald Burkard Foundation was created in 2005. Through this fund the country organizations in developing countries support social and ecological projects to promote self-help locally.

Living Lakes

Sika supports the Living Lakes network that protects lakes around the globe. Providing enough drinking water for the world's population is one of the major challenges in the future. The Living Lakes network aims at conservation and protection of natural resources, chiefly the drinking water reservoirs of the earth.

ETH Zurich Foundation

The ETH Zürich Foundation supports research and education at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. With the sponsorship of Sika, various projects can be realized like the building of the Monte Rosa Hut that is outstanding in architecture and modern building technologies. The support focuses on research projects in the fields of chemistry, building materials and construction.