Your Future at Sika. Your Life Under Full Sail.

You are fond of challenging and rewarding tasks. Working, producing results, enjoying corporate and individual success. Sika supports your success story. Take for example Sika’s global human resources management. At the core lies the so-called Performance and Talent Management, a contemporary system for identification and further development of performance and capabilities. This supports systematic employee succession planning and assists the company in identifying additional talented individuals for further growth and fostering them intentionally. 

Continuous Learning

Committed, competent and responsible employees at every level are crucial for achieving the company’s goals. Changes in the organization and in working processes require a continuous and systematic flow of information and knowledge transfer. Sika Business School was instituted to realize the idea of a learning organization, and will be systematically developed further. Furthermore, we cooperate with famous universities and institutions like the Institute for Management Development IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland, and other distinguished organizations nationally and internationally.

Performance is Awarded.

A tailored bonus system together with ancillary benefits such as retirement provisions characterizes Sika’s compensation policy in various countries. As we are a globally acting company striving for good corporate citizenship throughout the world, we target to define a worldwide, uniform minimum standard for retirement provisions and for insurance to protect against the risks of accident and illness. This minimum Sika standard would be maintained independent of local traditions and standards.

International Careers

Alongside training, further education and new, diverse tasks, experience in other countries and above all in other cultures are important elements in the systematic, advanced development of potential managers. Group-internal guidelines create security and transparency for employees that leave their home country on behalf of Sika, as well as a fair contract adapted to the specific circumstances of the host country.

Seize Your Chances, Meet Our Challenges.

Internationally, over 16,000 employees work for us. Sika is at home all over the world. It is however more than just a job that makes working for Sika so special. Regardless of where you are working for Sika, the Sika brand enjoys public confidence and reputation among all stakeholders. Even if Sika is a publicly owned company, the progeny of the founder, Kaspar Winkler, owns the right of statutory voting. Sika is equipped for growth - to transform innovation, enthusiasm for our work and our customers, and team spirit into successful business – as a Sika employee you become a vital part of this cycle.