A thorough approach to healthy and safe work

People are the most valuable asset we have, and their safety, health and goodwill are essential to the success of our business. Regulatory standards, management commitment, employee involvement, work-site and risk analysis, hazard recognition and resolution, training and education are key components of the Sika safety and health program.

Regulatory standards
Sika safety and health standards are in effect throughout the organisation. Local standards may complement global regulatory requirements. Employee safety and health are an intrinsic company value. Working safe is not only a proggram, but a way of getting things done.

Management commitment
We are aware that a safe and healthful workplace depends on effective management to ensure that hazards are identified and that effective physical and administrative protections are established and maintained. The Sika workplace safety and health culture is part of ther performance appraisal process.

Employee involvement
Sika staff is expected to transform safety and health in a corporate value. Specific supervisors are responsible for ensuring a safe workplace and proper use of machinery, equipment and raw materials.

Work-site and risk analysis
It’s our responsibility to know what items or substances are in the workplace that could influence our employee’s health and safety in a negative way. Risk Assessments help to define what’s needed to keep people safe. They are regularly organized and executed by external insurance companies, corporate operations and by local teams.

Hazard recognition and resolution
Inspections are focusing both on hazards that currently exist at the workplace and those that may occur due to changes, e.g. new equipment, processes, materials or the revision of existing procedures. Incident investigations aim to identify and prevent hazard. Each Sika location is prepared to deal with medical emergencies or health issues.

Training and education
Job safety performance is required from everyone working at Sika. Managers must ensure that employees know about the materials and the equipment they use, known hazards, and how to resolve/control the hazard. Safety and health are also subject to trainings and lectures at buiness luncheons.