Serving customers in a sustainable way.

The focus in production planning and scheduling has shifted from the management of plant specific operations to a holistic view of various purchasing, logistics and production stages, an approach in which suppliers, production plants and customers are considered as constituents of an integrated network. This development has led at Sika to the concept of the Sika Supply Center structure.

Sika’s process-oriented organizational structure extends through all levels of the company an thereby reflects an integrated focus on customer groups. Simultaneously the decentralized target and profit responsibility mirrors the international orientation of the Group. To ensure effects of scale and expeditious service to markets, new processes in purchasing, manufactoring and logistics are planned globally and introduced regionally.

The Regional Distribution Centers are one example, which guarantees a swifter and more efficient supply of markets while binding less capital. The first of these centers supply European customers with polyurethane adhesives from Frankfurt, Germany.