Sika contribution to Leedv4 projects - EPD

As a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the construction and manufacturing sectors, and a member of the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC), Sika Canada is engaged in the transparency process associated with sustainable construction. Sika has developped in collaboration with Groupe AGÉCO Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for flooring products but also for concrete maintenance & repair materials, in order to provide architects, engineers and other stakeholders in LEEDv4 projects, information on the environmental performance of these products. This engagement is also a positive response from Sika Canada to the CBDCa-QC and several architectural firms joint initiative for durable construction materials.

Environmental Product Declarations for Sika’s Construction Solutions

Below is a series of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) developed by Sika Canada Inc., Sika Corporation and Sika Ltd. for products marketed in Canada (products manufactured in Canada and outside of Canada). To the exception stipulated in the EPD descriptions, all the EPD developed by Sika Canada for products manufactured in Canada are Product-specific Type III EPDs (with third-party certification - Type III, including external verification in which the manufacturer is explicitly recognized as the participant by the program operator are valued as one whole product for purposes of credit achievement calculation).

Sika Resinous & Cementitious Flooring Systems

One (1) Type III EPD (''Cradle-to-Grave'') encompassing 14 Sikafloor® & Sikalastic® products & systems for flooring and traffic coating / waterproofing applications:

  • Sika ComfortFloor® / ComfortFloor® Pro
  • Sikafloor® DecoFlake® System
  • Sikafloor® ESD Control System
  • Sikafloor® Fastflor® CR
  • Sikafloor® Morritex
  • Sikafloor® NA PurCem
  • Sikafloor® Quartzite® System
  • Sikafloor® Resoclad MRW Type II
  • Sikafloor® Smooth Epoxy
  • Sikafloor® Terrazzo
  • Sikafloor®-52 PC Grey / -53 PC White
  • Sikalastic®-3900 Traffic Coating System
Sika Architectural & Protective Wall Coatings

One (1) Type III EPD (''Cradle-to-Grave'') encompassing 6 Sikagard® coatings for wall applications (interior & exterior applications):

  • Sikagard® Duroplast-100 N
  • Sikagard®-150 N
  • Sikagard® EE
  • Sikagard® SN-100
  • Sikagard® SN-40 Lo-VOC
  • Sikagard®-550 W Elastic
Sika Resinous Solutions for Structural Strengthening, Sealing and Bonding

One (1) Type III EPD (''Cradle-to-Gate'') encompassing 8 Sika® & Sikadur® solutions for structural applications including sealing, bonding and strengthening:

  • Sikadur®-30
  • Sikadur®-300
  • Sikadur®-330
  • Sikadur®-31 Hi-Mod Gel
  • Sikadur®-32 Hi Mod
  • Sikadur®-42 Grout Pak LE CA
  • Sika® Loadflex®-524 EZ
  • Sika® Level-01 PrimerCA
Sika Cementitious Solutions for Concrete Repair and Maintenance

One (1) Type III EPD (''Cradle-to-Gate'') encompassing 16 Sika® products for concrete repairs and maintenance (new construction and refurbishment applications):

  • Sika MonoTop®-622 / -623
  • Sika® Level-125
  • Sikacrete®-08 SCC
  • Sikacrete®-211 Flow PLUS
  • Sikafloor® Level-25CA / -50CA
  • SikaGrout®-212 / -212 HP
  • SikaGrout®-277 Cable
  • SikaGrout®-300 PT
  • SikaQuick®-1000
  • SikaTop® Armatec-110 EpoCem®
  • SikaTop®-121 PLUS / -122 PLUS / -123 PLUS
Sika Solutions for Elastomeric Sealing and Bonding

One (1) ‘’Cradle-to-Gate’’ type EPD available for:

  • Sikaflex®-1a
Sika Solutions for Chemical Anchoring

One (1) Model EPD available for:

  • Sika AnchorFix®-3001
Sika Waterproofing Solutions for Basements and Underground Structures

Two (2) ‘’Cradle-to-Grave’’ EPD available for SikaProof® waterproofing sheets :

SikaProof® A: Pre-applied, fully-bonded composite sheet membrane waterproofing system based on highly flexible FPO membrane.

Note: 3 thicknesses are available for SikaProof® A: 0.5 mm / 0.8 mm / 1.2 mm. Sika selected the SikaProof® A-08 (0.8 mm) to develop the most representative EPD in terms of performance.

SikaProof® P: Cold- and post-applied, self-adhesive, fully-bonded composite sheet membrane waterproofing system based on highly flexible FPO membrane.

Sika Sarnafil & Waterproofing Membrane

Four (4) EPD for Sika Sarnafil and Sikaplan single-ply PVC roofing and waterproofing membranes:

  • Sarnafil G410 (Cradle-to-Grave)
  • Sarnafil S327 (Cradle-to-Grave)
  • Sikaplan Adhered (Cradle-to-Gate)
  • Sikaplan Fastened (Cradle-to-Gate)

Four (4) EPD for liquid-applied membranes:

- Sikalastic®-644 Lo-VOC RoofPro Reemat Premium System (Cradle-to-Grave)
- Sikalastic®-644 Lo-VOC RoofPro Fleece Premium System (Cradle-to-Grave)
- Sikalastic®-641 Lo-VOC RoofPro Reemat Premium System (Cradle-to-Grave)
- Sikalastic®-641 Lo-VOC RoofPro Fleece Premium System (Cradle-to-Grave)

Additional information available for LEEDv4 projects

Sika Group Global Reporting Initiative (2018 Ed.)

Materials / products considered as ‘’inherently non-emitting sources’’

Sika’s ready-to-use bagged concrete, mortars, screeds, cementitious grouts, along with aggregate- and cement-based surface hardeners (as supplied to the customer) intended for concrete repair and maintenance of concrete and for which the initial VOC content has been established at 0 g/L1 may be considered as ’’Inherently non-emitting sources’’ like concrete, and are not subjected to chamber testing for VOC emissions2.

1 As tested in Sika Canada’s Pointe-Claire (QC) laboratories operating under ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications.

2 Refer to LEED reference guide for building design and construction, p 676 – Emissions and Content Requirement: Inherently non-emitting sources.