Sika products Contributing in Leed v4 projects

As a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the construction and manufacturing sectors, and a member of the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC), Sika Canada is officially engaged in the transparency process associated with sustainable construction. Sika is currently working in collaboration with Groupe AGÉCO to develop Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for flooring products but also for concrete maintenance & repair materials, in order to provide architects, engineers and other stakeholders in LEED v4 projects, information on the environmental performance of these products. This engagement is also a positive response from Sika Canada to the CBDCa-QC
and several architectural firms joint initiative for durable construction materials.

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For the time being, Sika has identified three (3) credits where its products can contribute to obtain points:

  1. Material Credit – Environmental Product Declaration – Option 1
  2. Environmental Credit – Low Emitting Materials
  3. Material Credit – Material Ingredients – Option 1


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Information on material/products considered as ‘’inherently non-emitting sources’’

Sika’s ready-to-use bagged concrete, mortars, screeds, cementitious grouts, along with aggregate- and cement-based surface hardeners (as supplied to the customer) intended for concrete repair and maintenance of concrete and for which the initial VOC content has been established at 0 g/L1 may be considered as ’’Inherently non-emitting sources’’ like concrete, and are not subjected to chamber testing for VOC emissions2.

1 As tested in Sika Canada’s Pointe-Claire (QC) laboratories operating under the ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications.

2 Refer to LEED reference guide for building design and construction, p 676 – Emissions and Content Requirement: Inherently non-emitting sources.

As this is an evolving situation, Sika Canada will update this information as products become eligible to contribute to points for LEED v4 projects. We remain at your entire disposal to provide you with any additional information you may deem necessary for your project. Should you require any specific information for a particular project, do not hesitate to contact Sika Canada at