Pedestrian Traffic Coatings

Sika® MT Primer

High-Solids, Moisture-Tolerant and Adhesion Promoting Primer for Dry or Damp Substrates

Sikalastic®-120 FS Primer

A two-components, high-solids, translucent epoxy primer. It has been specifically formulated to perform as an adhesion promoting primer for fast turn around applications.

Sikalastic® Recoat Primer

Sikalastic® Recoat Primer is a two component, high solids, liquid-applied primer. Optional: Sikalastic® 700 ACL Accelerator (see separate data sheet).

Sikalastic®-710 NP Base

Sikalastic®-710 NP is a single-component, primerless, aromatic, moisture-cured, elastomeric polyurethane membrane intended for use as the waterproofing base coat for pedestrian and vehicular traffic bearing applications.

Sikalastic®-735 AL

Sikalastic®-735 AL and Sikalastic®-736 AL Lo-VOC are coatings formulated to be used as topcoats for the Sikalastic®-710 NP in exposed or uncovered areas (See Sikalastic®-710 NP Product Data Sheet). They are intended to be used as wear coats and as a decorative finish option for pedestrian and light vehicular trafficked surfaces.

Sika® Resoflex

A unique coating system specifically engineered to protect reinforced concrete structures subject to light to moderate traffic. It consists of a crack-bridging, waterproof, two-component, high solids, polyurethane coating containing factory added, synthetic aggregates.