Design Software for the chemical anchoring of threaded bars and post-installed reinforced bars

We are proud to introduce the new, professional software to calculate chemical anchors (threaded rods and rebars) according to EOTA TR029, TR023, ACI 318-08 and ACI 318-11.

Anchors - Anchor Design Software

New Calculation Software based on European and US Standards

The software is based on the American code for anchoring (ACI318-08 & -11) and the European design Code TR029 for anchoring with threaded rods and rebars and TR023 for rebar connections. With these standards we cover the most common design standards in the world for the calculation of chemical anchors.

Rebar Calculation Program - Anchor Design Software

New Software, New benefits

  • Design of threaded rods and post installed rebar connections.
  • Multiple languages
  • Metric and fractional (imperial) system units.
  • Country selection: Available product range is set according to selected country.
  • Upgradeable via Internet connection.


Updated on: April 2019
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP  
Languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Nederlands, Turkish, and Simplified Chinese  
Size: 57 MB  

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