Sikafloor® Metallic FX - Metallic Effects Floor System

Making the first impression starts at the floor level!

Creating eye-catching, architecturally impactful designs just became easier with Sikafloor® Metallic FX, a high aesthetics, self-levelling flooring system destined to generate striking first impressions.

Sikafloor® Metallic FX’s multi-dimensional, pearlescent designs bring depth and life to lobbies, retail areas, museums, and other high visibility spaces. Sikafloor® Metallic FX uses ultra-fine Sika® Metallic Powders to deliver stunning dimension to public areas that had previously limited a designer’s imagination.


Sikafloor® Metallic FX draws its distinctive aesthetics from Sikafloor® clear epoxy resin designed for decorative, high build coating applications. The field-blended Sika® Metallic Powder makes this unique system highly customizable and adaptable to a building’s individual decor and design leaving no limits - only possibilities. What else would you expect from Sika, the world’s leading manufacturer of resinous flooring systems?


Because Sikafloor® Metallic FX is a Sika brand floor, its durability has been aggressively tested both in the lab and in the field. Sikafloor® Metallic FX delivers on the promise to achieve seamless impact with vibrant, sophisticated colours and sheen that are long lasting and need little maintenance.

Sikafloor® Metallic FX - Break room
Sikafloor® Metallic FX actually delivers:
  • Architecturally impactful floors
  • Design freedom to compliment a building’s decor
  • Beauty with long lasting durabilityn Easy care and maintenance
  • Low odour, low VOCs
Sikafloor® Metallic FX - Colour Selection Guide

Sikafloor® Metallic FX - Colour Selection Guide

(PDF, 0.28 MO)