Moisture Mitigation Systems

Sikafloor®-81 EpoCem®

Sikafloor®-81 EpoCem®CA is a three-component, solvent-free, odourless, moisture-insensitive, water-based epoxymodified cementitious, fine textured mortar for self-smoothing floor screeds. Specifically formulated for levelling and structurally reprofiling on damp, green or saturated surface dry concrete slabs at an applied thicknesses ranging from 3 to 4 mm (120 to 160 mils).

Sikafloor®-82 EpoCem®

Self-Levelling, Epoxy-Cement Floor Topping for Structural Resurfacing


Sikafloor® 1610 is a two component, high solids yet low modulus and low viscosity, epoxy primer. This resin is highly penetrative, seals substrates, contains a red trace dye to allow coverage to be ensured and is of low-VOC content. Sikafloor® 1610 NA has been especially formulated to operate as a moisture tolerant adhesion promoter beneath Sikafloor® , Sikaguard® and Sikalastic® epoxy and urethane coatings, broadcast or trowelled systems.

Sikagard®-75 EpoCem®

Epoxy/Cement, Resurfacing and Pore-Filling Mortar