Smooth Floor Coatings

Sikafloor® Fastflor CR

Sikafloor® Fastflor® CR is a two-component, solvent-free and low-VOC containing, epoxy binder and coating available in unlimited colours. Sikafloor® Fastflor® CR provides extremely high chemical and mechanical resistance within a smooth or broadcast floor finish.


Sikafloor®-217 is a 100 % solids, low VOC, low odour, water clear, high gloss epoxy resin used to create premium quality high build coatings, broadcast or trowel-applied surfacing systems such as Sikafloor® Quartzite®, DecoFlake® and Metallic FX®. Sikafloor®-217 formulation contains state of the art raw materials and additives blended to create an aesthetic, clear epoxy that has the highest possible resistance to ultra violet light colour change over time.


Highly Versatile, Epoxy Resin Binder for Floor Finish Systems.

Sikafloor®-315 N

Sikafloor® 315N is a high solids, low VOC, low odour, highly abrasion resistant aliphatic polyurethane coating. This high performance resin contains a unique UV blocker technology that provides superior ultra violet light screening properties that significantly improves colour retention values of underlying resin floor systems. It has excellent clarity when applied as a two part clear high gloss smooth coating or as a three part semi-gloss fine aggregate textured finish with the addition of prepackaged optional wear aggregate.


High Performance, Low Odour and Low VOC, Clear, Matte and Non-Yellowing Top Coat, Water-Borne Aliphatic Polyurethane


High Performance, Water-Based and Non-Yellowing, Clear, Semi-Gloss Aliphatic Polyurethane Top Coat for Floors and Walls


High Performance, Water-Based and Non-Yellowing, Clear and Glossy, Aliphatic Polyurethane Top Coat for Floors and Walls


Sikafloor®-510 is a clear, two-component, solvent-free, high solids, low-viscosity, high strength, polyaspartic resin system designed to be installed as a clear topcoat over decorative multicoloured quartz or flake broadcast systems where a low VOC, fast cure, flexible, UV resistance finish coat is necessary. Sikafloor®-510 is available in clear or pigmented with Sikafloor® Urethane Color Additive or Sikafloor® Metallic FX powders to achieve a variety of colour.

Sikafloor®-510 N LPL

Sikafloor® 510 N LPL is a clear two-component, high solids, low-viscosity, high strength, fast cure, UV resistant, polyaspartic urethane coating system. Sikafloor® 510 N LPL has an extended working time and usable pot-life when compared to Sikafloor® 510 especially in elevated temperatures and humid conditions.


Sikafloor® 2002 is a two component, high solids, low odour, low VOC, high strength, high gloss, water clear epoxy resin formulated to have improved resistance to clarity change over time. This high performance resin has excellent aesthetic properties making it suitable as a clear binder and top coat for multicolored, decorative aggregate and flake systems; Sikafloor® Quartzite® and Sikafloor® DecoFlake®.

Sikafloor® Duochem-6001

Water-Based, Easy to Clean, Epoxy Coating with Wear and Mild Chemical Resistance for Floors, Walls and Ceilings

Sikafloor® Duochem-6030

Clear, Water-Based and High-Gloss Epoxy Coating


High Build and Abrasion-Resistant Epoxy Resin Based Waterproof Coating

Sika® Duroplast 942

Sikafloor® Duochem-942 is a two-component, clear or coloured, smooth aliphatic urethane coating specifically formulated to provide abrasion- and UV-resistance to floors and walls