Vapour barriers


Sarnavap - 10 is a 10 mil (0.25 mm) thick vapour/air retarder sheet for use in Sarnafil® roof systems.


Sarnavap - 6 is a 6 mil (0.15 mm) thick vapour retarder sheet for use in Sika® Sarnafil® roof systems.

Sarnavap® Self Adhered

Sarnavap Self-Adhered is a 32 mil (0.8 mm) self-adhesive vapor barrier that can also serve as temporary roof protection.

Sika® Sarnavap® Self Adhered Primer VC

Sarnavap Self-Adhered Primer is a solvent-based primer used to prime wood, concrete, lightweight concrete, gypsum boards and decks, and DensDeck® boards prior to the application of Sarnavap Self-Adhered vapor barrier or Sarnafil G476 SA (Self-Adhered) waterproofing membrane.

Sika® Sarnavap® Self Adhered Primer WB

Sarnavap Self-Adhered Primer WB is a polymer emulsion-based primer designed to improve the adhesion of the Sarnavap Self-Adhered membrane on most substrates. Particularly recommended when the use of solvent-based primer is not advised and/or not permitted.