Liquid Apply Waterproofing

Sikagard® E.W.L.

High-Build, Chemical, Corrosion and Abrasion Resistant Liquid-Applied Polyurethane Coating and Lining

Sikagard® E.W.L. Trowel Grade

Trowel-Applied, Abrasion, Corrosion and Chemical Resistant Urethane Coating and Lining

Sikagard® E.W.L. Bonding Agent

Silane-Based, Adhesion Promoter for Application of Sikagard® E.W.L. onto Non-Porous Substrates or Previously Coated Surfaces

Sikalastic®-320 SG

Sikalastic®-320  is  a  single-component,  liquid-applied,  bitumen-modified,  coal  tar  free,  moisture-cured  polyurethane waterproofing  membrane.  The  membrane  is  available  in  three  different  consistencies:  Non-sag  (NS)  for  vertical applications, self-levelling (SL) for horizontal applications and sprayable grade (SG).

Sika® MT Primer

A two component, high-solids, red tinted, translucent epoxy primer. It has been specifically formulated to perform as a moisture-tolerant and adhesion promoting primer.

Sika® Drainage Mat

Sika® Drainage Mat composites are available in both high flow dimpled core and high crush resistant geonet constructions. They perform a multi-faceted role by providing protection for the Sikalastic® RoofPro and Sikalastic®-320 membranes as well as a means of collecting and conveying excess water in plaza decks, split slabs, planters, roof gardens and other roofing and waterproofing applications.