Vehicular Traffic Coatings

Sika® MT Primer

High-Solids, Moisture-Tolerant and Adhesion Promoting Primer for Dry or Damp Substrates

Sikalastic®-120 FS Primer

A two-components, high-solids, translucent epoxy primer. It has been specifically formulated to perform as an adhesion promoting primer for fast turn around applications.

Sikalastic®-220 FS

Sikalastic®-220 FS is a 100 % solids, epoxy binder used to protect Sikalastic®-390 Membrane and to provide durable antiskid surface properties by broadcasting oven-dried, quartz sand into the binder.

Sikalastic® Recoat Primer

Sikalastic® Recoat Primer is a two component, high solids, liquid-applied primer. Optional: Sikalastic® 700 ACL Accelerator (see separate data sheet).

Sikalastic®-390 Membrane

Two-Component, Fast Curing, Solvent Free, Elastomeric and Crack-Bridging, Polyurethane Waterproofing Membrane

Sikalastic®-710 NP Base

Sikalastic®-710 NP is a single-component, primerless, aromatic, moisture-cured, elastomeric polyurethane membrane intended for use as the waterproofing base coat for pedestrian and vehicular traffic bearing applications.

Sikalastic®-391 N

Sikalastic®-391 N is a 100 % solids, polyurethane binder used to protect Sikalastic®-390 Membrane and to provide durable anti-skid surface properties by broadcasting oven-dried, silica sand into the binder.


Sikalastic®-394 is a 100 % solids, aliphatic polyurethane binder and top coat that is specially formulated to refresh (as top coat) or to protect (as wear course) parking decks that are exposed to U.V. light. When installed as a wear course over Sikalastic®-390 Membrane, the anti-skid finish is obtained by broadcasting oven-dried, silica sand into the binder.


Low Modulus, High Strength, Moisture-Insensitive, Modified Epoxy Resin for Skid-Resistant Concrete verlays and Patching Mortars  

Sikalastic®-735 AL

Sikalastic®-735 AL and Sikalastic®-736 AL Lo-VOC are coatings formulated to be used as topcoats for the Sikalastic®-710 NP in exposed or uncovered areas (See Sikalastic®-710 NP Product Data Sheet). They are intended to be used as wear coats and as a decorative finish option for pedestrian and light vehicular trafficked surfaces.

Sikadur®-22 Lo-Mod

Sikadur®-22 Lo-Mod FS is a two-component, 100% solids, moisture-tolerant, fast setting epoxy resin binder. It conforms to the current ASTM C881 and AASHTO M 235 specifications.