Direct Glazing

Sika® Aktivator-100

Sika® Aktivator is an activating agent, designed to improve adhesion. It is specifically formulated for the treatment of bond faces in direct glazing work prior to application of various Sika polyurethane adhesives.

Sika® Glass Cleaner

Sika Glass Cleaner is a glass and surface cleaner, formulated for the AGR and Transportation markets. It is a non-flammable aerosol concentrate used to clean windshields, glass, metal and other hard surfaces. It dissolves spots, grease, oil, finger-prints.

Sika® Handclean

Sika Hand Cleaner is a unique, patented, waterless, citrus-scented hand cleaning system combining both a high-quality liquid hand cleaner formula and a heavy-duty, non-scratching abrasive hand-cleaning towel. Sika Hand Cleaner's unique properties work fast to remove fresh urethane and primer, small amounts of cured urethane and dried primer, and loosens and dissolves surface and embedded grease, grime and soil. Hands are left fresh, clean and residue-free, without rinsing or drying.

Sika® Remover-208

Sika® Remover-208 is used to re-move traces of Sikaflex® products as well as for cleaning painted substrates. Sika® Remover-208 is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001/14001, quality assurance system.

Sika® Tooling Agent N

Sika Tooling Agent N is a water-based, solvent-free tooling agent for use with Sikaflex adhesives and sealants.


Sikaflex-254 is a non-sag, 1-component polyurethane adhesive that cures with the aid of Sika Booster (cure accelerator), or, alternatively, on exposure to atmospheric humidity, to form a durable elastomer.


Sikaflex-265 is a high-performance, elastic, gap-filling, one-part polyurethane adhesive that cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture to form a durable elastomer.

Sika® CleanGlass

Sika® CleanGlassCA is an alcohol based solution for cleaning glass and non porous surfaces. Sika® CleanGlassCA can be used for the removal of fingerprints and general grime. The product leaves no residue on the surface, thus ensuring ease of use and no need to re-polish the windshields afterwards.

Sika® PowerCleanAid

Sika® PowerClean Aid is a chemical-free melamine-foam cleaning aid for use in combination with Sika® CleanGlass or other suitable Sika® liquid glass cleaner. It has been designed to remove contaminants which cannot be adequately removed using liquid glass cleaners. Moreover, while strong enough to remove most types of contaminants, it is gentle enough to do so without scratching glass surfaces. Sika® PowerClean Aid is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Systems.