Sikadur® Chemroc BDR

Sikadur® Chemroc BDR is a two-component, solvent free, bulk-supplied epoxy resin. It is used for concrete slabs dowelling and structural crack repairs up to 6 mm width; this high-modulus product is fast-setting and moisture-insensitive.

Where to use

Dowelling for concrete airport runways and highways
, structural cracks repairs, mechanical grouting, tunnel waterproofing, basements, preventive maintenance and more…

  • Economical product for dowelling
  • Convenient mix ratio of 1:1 by volume
  • Straight-sided packaging (pail and drum)
  • Paste consistency ideal for vertical and overhead grouting of cracks
  • Excellent adhesion to masonry, concrete, wood, steel and most structural materials



STANDARD COMPLIANCE: ASTM C-881, Types I and IV, Grade 3, Class C and AASHTO M-235 specifications

Name Size Packaging
Sikadur® Chemroc BDR

34 L
(9 US gal)

380 L
(100.5 US gal)

Comp A: 17 L –  4.5 US gal.
Comp B: 17 L –  4.5 US gal.

Comp A: 190 L –  50.25 US gal.
Comp B: 190 L –  50.25 US gal.