Sikafloor® Terrazzo

Sikafloor® Terrazzo is the ideal choice when both long-lasting durability and ease of maintenance are required – especially in high-traffic commercial and institutional areas. Available in an unlimited range of colours, this low-VOC and low-odour product makes it possible to realize the most creative designs.

Terrazzo installed at waiting areas

Hospitals, pharmaceutical research facilities, schools, universities, banks, building lobbies, shopping malls, grocery stores, airport terminals, train stations, convention centres and casinos.

Terrazzo installed in halls and corridors
Product Benefits
  • Unlimited colours
  • Seamless, waterproof and easy to clean and maintain
  • Lighter than Portland cement terrazzo, allowing the structure to be designed for a lighter load
  • Thin set for easy jointing with adjacent floor finishes
  • Highly resistant to abrasion and common chemicals
Name Colour Size Packaging
Sikafloor® Terrazzo



Custom colour

15.14 L(4 US gal.)

Comp. A: 11.36 L (3 US gal.)

Comp. B: 3.78 L (1 US gal.)