Sikagard® AG

Sikagard® AG is a water-based Anti-Graffiti sealer, which prevents most aerosol paints from being absorbed into porous substrates or distressing existing finishes. Sikagard® AG sealer provides a semi-sacrificial film over concrete, masonry and some painted surfaces as well as providing resistance to the permanent defacement of public and private structures.

Where to use


  • Exterior, onto concrete, masonry and coated surfaces
  • As a clear finishing product, onto existing coatings to provide or upgrade anti-graffiti performance


  • Easy to apply (single coat application by brush, roller or spray)
  • High coverage rate: approx 7 m2/L
  • Protective and decorative
  • Water-based



Did you know? Use Sikagard® AG Cleaner to remove graffiti on Sikagard AG.  

Name Size Packaging
Sikagard AG 8 L
(2.1 US gal.)

Comp A: 7.07 L – 1.9 US gal.

Comp B: 0.93 L -  0.25 US gal.

Sikagard® AG Cleaner 10 L
(2.63 US gal.)
1 Pail