SikaTack® MACH-30

Sika is please to introduce SikaTack® MACH‐30, formulated with a unique Fortified Polymer Technology to promote rapid strength build up during windshield installations. The enhanced cross‐linking delivers superior handling characteristics and shorter, best‐in‐class Safe Drive‐Away Time of 30 minutes under most conditions. For use at temperatures between ‐18oC and +50oC, with an open time of 8 minutes ‐‐ it allows for working in extreme temperatures.

SikaTack® MACH-30 Autoglass Replacement Adhesive
Product Benefits
  • 30–minute SDAT under MOST conditions
  • Non-conductive/”All-in-one” modulus
  • Application Temperature: -18 to 50o C
  • Available in the environmentally‐friendly 465 ml Sausages!
Areas of Application

SikaTack® Mach-30 has been designed for use in replacing polyurethane direct-glazed automotive glass parts.

This product is suitable for experienced professional users only. If this product is used for applications other than vehicle glass replacement, tests with actual substrates and under actual conditions must be performed to ensure adhesion and material compatibility.




Name Size Packaging

465 ml sausages

300 ml cartridges

Super Kit (15 sausages, 15 Primer Stix & 15 Aktivator Pads)

Super Kit (24 cartridges, 15 Primer Stix & 15 Aktivator Pads)