SikaWrap®-1400C is a is a high-strength, high-modulus, unidirectional carbon fibre fabric.

SikaWrap-1400C High-Strength, Carbon Fibre Fabric for Structural Strengthening

Bridges, warehouses, industrial buildings, parking structures, etc. Ideal for:

  • structures subjected to increased live loads (traffic on bridges, installation of heavy machinery in industrial buildings),
  • seismic strengthening,
  • damaged structural elements (aging, fire, vehicle impact on columns, walls, etc.),
  • to address changes in structural systems (removal of slab sections, columns and walls),
  • to correct design or construction defects, etc.
SikaWrap-1400C High-Strength, Carbon Fibre Fabric for Structural Strengthening
Product Benefits
  • One of the highest tensile-strength fabric on the market
  • Flexible, can be wrapped around complex shapes
  • Minimizes the number of required layers: improved jobsite productivity
  • High-strength, light-weight and easy to handle
  • Non-corrosive and alkali resistant
  • Low aesthetic impact

Did you know?

You can use SikaWrap®Peel Ply as a protective material against contamination and as a surface profiler before the application of the decorative/ protective coatings (should be applied immediately upon completion of the FRP system's final layer of epoxy, before curing).

Name Packaging
SikaWrap-1400C 610 mm x 41,2 m (24 in x 45 yds) roll
Sikadur-300 15.14 L (4 US gal) pail
SikaWrap Peel Ply 32 cm x 274,3 m (12,6 in x 300 yds) roll