DIY / Residential Construction

  • Sika® Post Fix

    Sika® Post Fix

    Need a quick and easy solution for post fixing? Watch Mike Holmes as he shows you how convenient Sika® Post Fix can be!

  • Sika® FastFix-130 Power Patch

    Sika® FastFix-130 Power Patch

    Discover our new high strength repair mortar, ideal for small repair works (holes, spalls, etc.) on horizontal concrete surfaces!

  • SikaBond® Construction Adhesive

    SikaBond® Construction Adhesive

    Check out how Mike Holmes and his crew uses our SikaBond® Construction Adhesive on his job sites!
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  • Sika® Level-125CA

    Sika® Level-125CA

    Check out Mike Holmes in action - Levelling a floor never got easier!

  • Insulation & weather sealing with Sika Boom

    Insulation & weather sealing with Sika Boom

    How to make your house more energy efficient? Check out Mike and Mike Jr. discussing how this sealing and insulation work may be carried out around the house, using Sika Boom low expansion foams..

  • DIY / Home Owners

    DIY / Home Owners

    Sika Post Fix, a great product featured on TV.

    Watch How to Set Your Fence Post in a Flash!