Your house is probably the most important investment of your life. In order to maintain the value of this asset over time, it is important for you to carry out maintenance and repair works on a regular basis. For example, insulating and sealing window and door frames or treating the numerous thermal bridges existing in any house, will have a positive impact on comfort at home and help reduce your energy bills.

Sika Boom®: Peformance and versatility all in one can!

Sika Boom® AS is an ALL SEASON, one-component, expanding polyurethane straw foam for all your sealing and insulating needs around the house. The material boasts an all-season formulation which ensures that it performs just as well in the cold of winter as it does in the heat of summer, for interior or exterior applications. For convenience, Sika Boom® AS comes with an application straw.

Product benefits

  • One single can of spray foam for a multitude of applications : Versatility
  • All season applications, even with temperatures as low -12°C, up to 30°C
  • Low expansion foam helps prevent bowing and warping of window and door frames
  • Value-Pack: High yield formulation product & Large format can of 750 mL (30 oz.)
  • New: Sika Boom® AS straw foam is now available in a handy 500 mL format with a re-usable straw system.
  • May be cut, sanded and covered with mortars, coatings or paints
  • ULC classified- sealants and caulks, flame spread and smoke developed.
  • No special tools required.

Environmental benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly product: CFC and HCFC-free.
  • Low-VOC content : < 2 g/L  

Sika Boom®: One can - Many applications:

  • Insulating around windows and doors
  • Sealing gaps, cavities, cracks and joints
  • Filling up cavities
  • General insulating work around the house (including radon treatment)
  • Sealing pipe and duct penetrations (utilities, air ducts, etc.)
  • Ideal to prevent the passage of bugs, insects and small animals in holes and spaces in construction elements
Sika Boom, expanding foam. Insulating around a window

Application Tips:

  • To accelerate curing, spray the area to be treated with water, using a spray bottle before the foam application.
  • Do not overfill cavity. But if you do, foam can easily be trimmed with a utility knife after full cure.
  • Cleaning: Always have on hand a clean wet rag to clean eventual spills. Do not wait for the product to harden; afterwards, it can only be removed mechanically.
Sika Boom® ARCTIC

Sika Boom® ARCTIC is ideal for winter and temperature-controlled environments applications such as refrigerated warehouses, commercial freezers, etc.

  • Sealing gaps, cracks and joints.
  • Insulating around various types of openings (inlcuding windows and doors in houses and buildings).
  • General insulating and sealing of pipe penetrations.
  • Sealing formwork on the jobsite.

Sika Boom® AS is available at your nearest home improvement centre or hardware store. Find yours!