Watertight Concrete admixtures

Building watertight concrete structures requires a very dense concrete characterised by a minimized capillary volume, low absorption and reduced permeability. Thanks to the Sika® ViscoCrete® or Sikament® admixtures range and the Sika® 1+ solutions, Sika’s offer in the field of highly specialized concrete allows you to meet the requirements of your project.

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SikaProof A - Waterproofing Membrane System
Waterproofing Membrane Systems

SikaProof®A is a waterproofing solution featuring an embossed, highly flexible polyolefin membrane combined with a sealant grid pattern and a non-woven fleece. This exclusive system creates a full and durable mechanical bond when the membrane is completely embedded in fresh concrete.

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Injection hose system
SikaFuko® Injection Hose Systems

SikaFuko® is a range of hollow-core, PVC injection hose systems that is installed into concrete construction joints to seal and waterproof any cracks or voids in those locations and where other waterproofing systems cannot even be installed.

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Joint waterproofing technologies
Joint waterproofing technologies

From hydrophilic joint sealing systems to elastic joint sealing systems and to PVC waterstops, Sika has developed a comprehensive range of joint waterproofing solutions and related technologies applicable to virtually any type of construction or expansion joints.

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