Winter in Canada always represents a challenge for construction companies. With temperatures around or below 0 °C for about 5 month, building, repairing or even maintaining any type of structure or infrastructure becomes an increasingly complex task. Thanks to products specially formulated for cold temperatures applications, contractors are in an ideal position to:

  • Extend the working season for certain types of construction such as strategic infrastructures (bridges, dams, etc.)
  • Avoid delays due to cold temperatures and allows staying on or even getting ahead of the construction schedule.
  • Avoid or eliminate substantial confinement installations and heating costs, not to mention operational constraints on jobsites (time, manpower and materials).
  • Save time and maintain jobsite productivity by not heating & protecting and not having to precondition materials to a specified temperature in certain situations.
  • Make it possible to carry out effective emergency repair work in difficult conditions/environments.
  • Perform work or maintenance operations in temperature-controlled environments.


For what type of application?

  • Concrete work (refurbishment, new construction, correcting nonconformities, etc.)
  • Structural grouting
  • Anchoring and sealing
  • Protective and decorative coatings
  • Concrete Production
  • Injection
  • Insulation and weather sealing


Overview of Sika technologies for low temperatures works:

  • High performance cementitious mortars
  • Hardening accelerator admixtures
  • Magnesium oxide-based mortars
  • Vinylester-based mortars
  • Methacrylate-modified mortars (with or without Sub-Zero Component)
  • Epoxy acrylate-based anchoring gels
  • Expansive polyurethane foams specially formulated for low
  • temperatures/cold weather applications


Select the right Sika Product for your Project 

Sika Solutions - Cold Condition Works

Always consult the most recent product data sheet before application. For more details, advices or any additional information regarding cold conditions applications, contact Sika Canada.